The Story of Change




Going through the transition process is never easy for anyone. Fight and fear of preparing yourself for publicity, simply going out of home; becoming visible and insecure. Transgender people often have to endure private questions related to their body and feelings regarding this. Although she smiles very often. She never looks back. She has never stopped herself from many activities in order to hide, to suffer, to leave her location or friends. She enjoys life more than most people surrounding us. She is fancy and celebrates life. She isn’t a drama queen. Only minor details can make the viewer suspicious of the person’s gender. While taking pictures of her, I have only seen the person whose pose said ‘The life is mine. I make decisions in my life.’

I wanted to create her portraits, mostly concentrating on her face, expressions, emotions. Calmness and playfulness  - characteristics that have helped her through harder times - match well together in these shots. This photoshoot connects calmness of the dramatic change and calmness when seeing difficult situations with humour. She looks somehow taken out of her usual environment, out of messy surroundings full of rushness, craziness and preparation, but still calm, confident and cool. Her strong personality needed a very peaceful, simple and blank background to show ordinary life in these extraordinary circumstances. Yet this story can happen in every apartment, every family or community, thus the blank walls can be converted to every apartment, office, summer house, school, a bench in a park or bus where lots of transgender people are in doubt, live in fear and silence, are misunderstood by other community members and still fighting with themselves. The life is yours. Live it without fear, boundaries and excuses.

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