Shining through the Darkness




There are no items that would make you feel tired and your life disorderly. There are only golden bands looking like an attractive horizon full of new opportunities, but they are easily overlooked. You just have told yourself it’s white and bright around... I was sitting in my white apartment and thinking about the white colour. Does it reflect perfection? Does it perfectly hide my struggles and concerns, and uncertainty?

Everything in white looks calming, perfect and clear. Somehow for me it looked like darkness. Unexpected and scary. Everything that makes you upset and worry, and holds you back, blends easily with the background. It even becomes difficult to notice it but easy to get used to. This is the real darkness. I used to live within these frames, dreamy expectations, and everything looked as in perfect order. These restraints might be tiny and pretty, somehow looking “normal”. Thus it becomes not so easy to notice them and to realise they are holding you back. But could I wake up when the bell would start ringing?

Sometimes you can find a great source of inspiration that makes your mind fresh and refreshing. You can enjoy the moment of respite. Suddenly your vision fuels ability to change, to escape any restraints - real and imaginable - and to be happy again. She is looking from the backstage through the radiant tunnel. She feels capable, honest with herself, and empowered to take risks. Do you feel well about how it is now? Are you ready to notice the moment of change? The moment of shining?

The golden tunnel was inspired by the Radiant site by Michele Oka Doner in a New York’s underground station.

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