Nostalgic feelings arise when remembering my great-grandmother saying she had worn long braids in her youth. Later, my grandmother and mother braiding our hair, come to my mind. My sister's and my hair is thick and long, as our great-grandmother's. I thought hair is one of the nicest ornaments of our body, a valuable heritage (hairitage) from our ancestors to receive.

Relaxed chatting with teacups in our hands, my sister and I went further and further to our memories and funny stories about our hair. Later we ended up with the idea that long hair shows a transformation in our lives. We looked through lots of old photos of our mum and grandma. Our grandma has been wearing short hair since very young age. My mum cut her hair when she was 18. It was considered adultish, to wear short hair. And she proudly shew us the photo of her with long hair down to her waist and the other photo presented mum with cropped hair. She still keeps her cut braid in a wardrobe. The braid is carefully wrapped into paper. This memory gave us a fresh insight on how important and symbolic our hair is. It became more than true when our grandma was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair during the treatment. Now, my sister and I are in our twenties and still wear long hair. Since we don't know what to expect in the future, the least thing we can do is enjoy this day and perpetuate our memories.

My sister still wears braids almost everyday. So we decided to bridge our memories with our grandmother's and mum's childhood when they both were healthy, their mums were brushing their hair before them going to play in the yard.


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