Following Bells’ Ringing




Dance in the jungle of hidden bells. Step by step walk to the sunshine. Open-minded. Restless walking to happiness.


I had been wandering until I unexpectedly found a hidden dreamscape on my regular route back home. Bells made of brass are waiting to be rung. A modern shaman finds a fairytale forest to play the music in and to stay at. To calm down and to contemplate.


Then pealed the bells more loud and deep... To live a happy posthuman life in a secret bell foundry forest.


The bells stop but I still hear their sound coming out of the tops of trees...


Who rings a bell?

Those who want to wake up.

Those who want to be saved.

Those who want peace.

Those who want you to believe.

Those who want you to pray.

Those who want to meditate.

Those who are mourning.

Those who are celebrating.

Those who believe in freedom.

Those who reimagine life.

Who rings your bell?

What does ring your bell?

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