Closed eyes may be a waking up from a dream, out of inertia, the return to yourself, to who you are, what you need, and to stay without any noise. During the whole photoshoot both the model and I, the photographer, had to calm down to create total peace of mind, the face wouldn’t be stressed out, worrying or anxious. That peace of mind - it's all I was looking for this year. It’s the perfect, temporary mode, which I would remember for a long time and still know how to return to it again. It’s an forgiveness yourself for slowing down, for not carrying on debates, for not having all the relevant arguments. It’s a place where you don’t know for how long you'll stay here. It’s time which is comfortable and familiar. And then I saw the perfect sculpture of peace, it was frozen for a moment. Later she opened her eyes and tossed her hair. The smile appeared, and she gazed off into the distance...


Emotional Awakening

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