A fight can be beautiful. A fight with ourselves, a fight with shadows, a fight with other human being can change us. Often we fight surrounded by huge demons, but we are also touched by the wing of an angel. Sometimes big inner chimeras control our decisions, but sometimes they provoke our imagination. 
At first, you hear the bells ringing, start following their sound. That vortex of time, and you are in a customized wonderland, having escaped from reality for a moment. Baroque and Renaissance creatures telling tales of mystery and imagination. Sometime between the present and the future. Imaginative and surreal surroundings. At the very centre, women are fighting a hair fight. Elegant, powerful, provocative and visually arresting fight for themselves. Sleepy and powerful, aggressive and dreamy, relaxed and determined, fighting and hiding, angels and chimeras, fantastic plants and hybrid beasts, ringing bells and mythical monsters. Ritual of dancing and hair fighting.

Beautiful Fight

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